[Julia] How do I debug my code in Julia?

To debug your code in Julia, you can use the @debug macro from the Logging standard library. Here's how you can use it:

  1. Import the Logging module:
1using Logging
  1. Insert @debug statements at the places where you want to inspect variables or check for code execution:
1@debug variable1
2@debug variable2
  1. Set the logging level to debug mode:
  1. Run your code, and you will see the debug output in the console:
1variable1 = ...
3variable2 = ...

Additionally, you can also use @info, @warn, and @error macros for different log levels depending on the severity of the message.

Another approach to debugging is using a Julia debugger, such as Gallium.jl or Juno, which provide a visual interface for stepping through your code, setting breakpoints, and inspecting variables.