[Objective-C] How do I comment my code in Objective-C?

In Objective-C, you can comment your code using two different types of comments: single-line comments and multi-line comments. Here's how you can use both of them:

  1. Single-line comments:

    • To add a single-line comment, use two forward slashes "//" followed by your comment.
    • Example:
      1// This is a single-line comment in Objective-C
  2. Multi-line comments:

    • To add a multi-line comment, you can enclose your comment between "/" and "/".
    • Example:
      2   This is a multi-line comment
      3   in Objective-C.

It's good practice to comment your code to make it more readable and understandable for yourself and other developers who might work with your code in the future.