[Visual Basic] How do I manipulate strings in Visual Basic (e.g., concatenation, length)?

To manipulate strings in Visual Basic, you can use various built-in functions and operators. Here are some common string manipulations you can perform:

  1. String Concatenation: You can combine two or more strings using the & operator or the + operator.
1Dim str1 As String = "Hello"
2Dim str2 As String = "World"
3Dim result As String = str1 & " " & str2  ' Concatenates the strings with a space in between
  1. String Length: You can determine the length of a string using the Len() function.
1Dim str As String = "Hello"
2Dim length As Integer = Len(str)
  1. Substring Extraction: You can extract a portion of a string using the Substring() function.
1Dim str As String = "Hello, World!"
2Dim subStr As String = str.Substring(7, 5)  ' Extracts "World" starting from the 7th character for 5 characters
  1. String Comparison: You can compare two strings using the = operator or the String.Compare() function.
1Dim str1 As String = "Hello"
2Dim str2 As String = "World"
3Dim areEqual As Boolean = (str1 = str2)  ' Checks if the strings are equal
4Dim comparisonResult As Integer = String.Compare(str1, str2)  ' Compares the strings and returns 0 if they are equal
  1. String Manipulation Functions: Visual Basic provides various built-in functions for common string manipulations, such as converting case, replacing substrings, trimming whitespace, etc. Here are a few examples:
1Dim str As String = "    Hello, World!   "
2Dim trimmedStr As String = str.Trim()  ' Removes leading and trailing whitespace
3Dim upperCaseStr As String = str.ToUpper()  ' Converts the string to uppercase
4Dim replacedStr As String = str.Replace("Hello", "Hi")  ' Replaces "Hello" with "Hi" in the string

These are just a few examples of string manipulations in Visual Basic. Depending on your specific requirements, you may need to explore more functions and techniques available in the language.